sustainable solutions

As the environmental impact of packaging on our planet is increasingly prevalent, does the choice of the materials used on your packaging fully reflect this?

If the answer is no to this simple question, with so many packaging material options available for your packaging, how can you decide upon the right choice for your business?

As a global supplier of retail packaging, we have taken the more common materials and created an easy to use selection guide for carrier bags to help you answer this question.

Most of our customers have the same 3 key environmental aims for their carrier bags

  1. Wherever possible, create carrier bags that are easy for customers to re-use and recycle
  2. Wherever possible, use recycled and/or sustainable materials in their manufacture
  3. Wherever possible, use materials with the least manufacturing impact and carbon footprint

green credentials

Our business has great green credentials, which means that we can produce sustainable luxury packaging.

A range of environmental options are available to us to suit our customers’ needs and we are constantly researching products and materials that are less harmful to the environment.

Keenpac is able to provide sustainable, certified paper options across the globe in line with whatever you brand and your values require.

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We can analyse then recommend sustainable solutions for your brand, giving a clear direction to a complex global problem.