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Sustainable Packaging articles

We offer Sustainable Packaging expertise for Retail and Online Brands to help them meet their customers’ expectations and concerns around environmental issues.

mushroom packaging

Mushroom packaging - the next big thing in sustainable packaging

With the 2021 COP26 conference calling this “a critical decade,” as we urgently look to control climate change, carbon dioxide emissions, fossil fuels and the use of plastics are hot topics. And as we look more closely at the footprints created by products in our daily...

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fit to product packaging

'Fit to Product' Packaging

A perfect fit – the rise of fit-to-product packaging The boom in ecommerce means we can now purchase almost anything, of any size and shape, online. And, whilst brands focus on maximising those sales and meeting increasing consumer demand, the people behind the scenes often...

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Packaging Sustainability within Keenpac

Are you considering sustainability questions about your packaging? Our new Sustainability Guide leads you through the labyrinth of alternatives, following a logical path and covering every angle. You don’t have to spend time thinking of every single detail because we...

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Sustainable Packaging Review | Is your packaging as sustainable as it could be?

As the environmental impact of packaging on our planet is increasingly prevalent, does the choice of the materials used on your carrier bags fully reflect this? If the answer is no to this simple question, with so many packaging material options available for your carrier...

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Green Packaging - How To Maintain Green Ideals in a Cost-Driven Market

In an age of economic and environmental pressure, an ever-increasing conundrum for retail packaging buyers is that of how to maintain green ideals in a cost-driven market. When it comes to making a straight choice between materials that are better for the environment versus...

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Environmentally Friendly Packaging | Chain of Custody : FSC and PEFC

FSC Chain of Custody FSC is an abbreviation for the Forest Stewardship Council. FSC is dedicated to promoting economically viable, socially beneficial and environmentally appropriate management of forests around the world. They are a non-governmental, international

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Musto Packaging

Sustainable Packaging Sourcing | Keenpac Meets Musto’s Challenge to Source a 100% Recycled Carrier Bag

When Musto, the leading technical apparel, footwear and accessories brand, needed a carrier bag in support of their involvement in the 2017-18 Volvo Ocean Race, they turned to Keenpac’s sourcing expertise. The Volvo Ocean Race is one of the longest and most demanding...

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Organic Packaging

Organic Packaging Paper Unveiled .... Anyone For An Olive?

Coffee beans, almonds and olives – not a shopping list for your local deli but some of the latest “ingredients” in Crush, Favini’s latest paper range. The Italian manufacturer is one of the increasing numbers of companies exploring wood-free sources to create more...

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Sustainable Luxury Packaging

Luxury Packaging and the Sustainability Agenda

Saving the environment and the world starts with just one recycled item. The larger the number of consumers and businesses that add to this number, the larger the impact the environment will experience. Luxury retail businesses have recognized the need for sustainable packaging...

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Sustainable Luxury Packaging

Sustainable Luxury Packaging | What are Retailers doing?

Saving the environment and the world starts with just one recycled item. The larger the number of consumers and businesses that add to this number, the larger the impact the environment will experience. Luxury retail businesses have recognised the need for sustainable packaging...

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Timberland Bags

Recyclable Packaging | Timberland Launches Free Christmas Bag Campaign

Footwear and outdoor clothing specialist Timberland are running a ‘free bag’ give-away campaign over this festive holiday season.   This recyclable packaging, rPET shopping bags, are produced from recycled plastic bottles and feature images from Timberland’s Christmas...

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Most Sustainable Vendor

Eco Packaging | Keenpac Voted Disney’s Most Sustainable Vendor

Luxury packaging designer and global distributor Keenpac, is the proud winner of Disney’s prestigious environmental award; “Most Sustainable Vendor, Europe 2011”. The award was presented at this year’s Annual Vendor Partner Meeting held Thursday 17th November at Epcot...

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Paper Packaging

Sustainable Packaging - Recycled Paper

One or two interesting FAQs relating to the pros and cons of recycled vs virgin paper. What is Virgin Paper? It’s the name for paper that comes directly from sustainable sources like trees or plants without having been through a recycling process. What gives paper...

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Sustainable Retail Packaging

Sustainable Retail Packaging | Design Solutions

For some time, 'recycle, reuse, reduce' has been the central mantra of the sustainable development movement. In other words, people should try to recycle the component parts of a product after it has reached the end of its life, reduce the amount of materials used and extend the...

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Carbon Trust

Bunzl Awarded Carbon Trust Standard

Bunzl has been officially awarded the Carbon Trust Standard which shows we have taken action on climate change by reducing our carbon emissions over the past three years. Assessment against the Standard is undertaken by independent third-party assessors who ensure

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Environmental Standards | Keenpac Achieves 14001 Certification

We are delighted to announce that Keenpac has been awarded ISO 14001 certification.  The 14001 standard helps organisations minimise the impact of their processes on the environment, as well as ensuring compliance with environmental regulations. For Keenpac the award is...

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Keenpac Nominated by Disney for Most Sustainable Vendor

Packaging supplier Keenpac has been nominated by Disney for the  “2010 Most Sustainable Vendor, Global” award at this year’s Annual Vendor Partner Meeting held Thursday 11th November, in New York City.  Out of all of Disney’s global suppliers Keenpac was nominated as...

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