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Reusable shopping bag | The ultimate 4 in 1 system

Keenpac are pleased to announce brand new concept in packaging, designed especially for supermarkets. “The Ultimate Reusable Shopping Bag System”  is a four in one tote bag designed to organise groceries within the cart whilst shopping.

Developed through Keenpac New York for retailer My Eco Bag System, this unique bag incorporates four distinctive sections; for holding glass bottles and jars; to hold chilled and frozen foods (with handy zip to maintain temperatures while shopping; to hold fruit and vegetables (the anti bacterial liner makes it easy to wipe clean), and finally a section to hold all other groceries.  All easily nest together in their own convenient storage tote.  The Ultimate Reusable Shopping Bag System is the perfect balance between consumer convenience and protecting our environmental ecosystem, and is available now.  For more information, contact us at info@keenpac.co.uk

reusable shopping bag

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Reusable shopping bag | The ultimate 4 in 1 system
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