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Retail Point of Sale Packaging

We’re the retail point-of-sale packaging specialists. For over 30 years, our innovative and cutting-edge packaging solutions have been enhancing some of the world’s biggest and best known brands.

Our retail packaging expertise covers all sectors, including fashion, cosmetics and beauty, watches and jewellery, specialist retail, and charity as well as on-line retail.

Point-of-Sale Retail Packaging

Luxury Paper Carrier Bags

Keenpac’s range of luxurious carrier bags is entirely bespoke. Hand-finished and of unrivalled quality, the variety of materials, finishes and handles ensures every design is completely unique.

retail point of sale packaging

See our Luxury Carrier Bags

Kraft Paper Bags

Machine made Kraft paper bags offer a cost-effective alternative to luxury carry bags. Also known as SOS (self-opening satchel) bags, they retain a luxurious feel but generally involve lower costs due to being made by machine. Many of our retailers use Kraft paper bags for their outlet or sale bags because they look great, they’re strong and they’re cost-effective

point of sale

Printed Plastic Carrier Bags

Keenpac offers a wide selection of polythene carrier bags, perfect for almost any retail purpose. The finish and strength of the carrier bag is dictated by the thickness, blend and density of polymer used, as well as the type of handle. We offer the full range of plastics for our carriers, with a choice of handles that includes punch-out, patch, flexiloop, clip-close and even ‘rope’.

Promotional Bag

See our Printed Plastic Carrier Bags

Fabric Carrier Bags

Good looking and kind to the environment, fabric ‘Bags for Life’ are increasingly popular as customers look for new and exciting options for their retail carrier bags. Of course it’s not just ‘Bags for Life’. Many of our fabric bags are used for resale to customers, our retailers continually being impressed by the quality we can achieve, either through print, embroidery or even appliqué.
Branded Fabric Bags
See our Fabric Carrier Bags

Gift and Presentation Boxes

What better way to enhance the customer experience, present a gift and make something truly memorable, than in a beautifully crafted and individually designed box? Keenpac supplies a variety of bespoke luxury gift boxes developed for the retail market. Our products range from hat boxes and shirt boxes to shoe boxes and tie boxes, right through to wine boxes, perfume boxes, gift card boxes and pillow packs

Gift Box Set

Retail Jewellery Boxes

Keenpac has been supplying the jewellery sector for more than 30 years. Born out of a genuine passion for fine jewellery, we have developed expertise in this area that is unrivalled, delivering bespoke luxury jewellery boxes for some of the world’s best known brands – Victorinox, DiGrisogogno, Cartier, Titoni, Tiffany and Wenger are just some of our customers.

See our Retail Boxes

If you would like to see samples or talk to us about your luxury point-of-sale retail packaging, please give us a call on 0116 289 0900 or email info@keenpac.co.uk

Keenpac luxury point-of-sale retail packaging specialists. Creativity infuses everything we do.  Our dedicated in-house design team works closely with our clients to develop new and exciting packaging concepts using the very latest ideas and technologies to expand and enhance the customer experience

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Luxury Point of Sale Packaging Accessories
Retail Point of Sale Packaging

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