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Retail Packaging articles

We offer the complete Luxury Packaging Service. From Design Concepts to Global Distribution, we work with Brands to help them connect with their customers.

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Importance of Retail Packaging

The Importance of Retail Packaging

Some research supports the fact that packaging may be more important than the actual product. The reasoning stems from the fact that the packaging is the first thing a customer sees. A survey that supports this conclusion was undertaken in France in 2005. The Salon Europack...

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Paper Packaging

History of Paper Packaging & Paper Carrier Bags

“Brown Paper Packages Tied Up With String, These are a few of my favourite things” (Rodgers and Hammerstein. 1959) The art of making paper is part of this planet’s colourful history that spans across cultures. It is indicative of humanity’s persistence, perseverance,...

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Premium Retail Packaging

Premium Packaging: reinforcing your brand messaging

Premium packaging is the new guarantee! First impressions do matter. What a customer sees at first glance…should entice the consumer enough to make the purchase. Distinguishable packaging and an innovative shelf presentation make or break product sales, no matter how good they...

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Independent Retail Packaging

Independent Retail Packaging

Keenpac has a specialist luxury retail packaging division set up to cater to the needs specifically of the Independent Retailer. This is the retailer who is not currently part of a large branch network – or high street retailer. They are, as the name suggests – Independently...

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Keenpac Supporting Rugby

Packaging Brand Awareness | Sport’s embrace of retail packaging

The UK’s Olympic summer has reinforced just how popular sport is in this country. Unprecedented spectator attendance has sold out every available session across the whole spectrum of sport. UK success at both the Olympic and Paralympic games have united the nation as never...

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Plastic Carrier Bags

Plastic Carriers Bags (Polythene) made simple

We've seen a great deal of press around the use of polythene bags lately, especially following the introduction of the single use carrier bag tax in Wales, and the planned introduction of a similar tax in the UK in 2015.    In spite of the bad press however, polythene...

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Paper Carrier Bag Guide

Retail Packaging - The Paper Carrier Bag Guide

When is a carrier bag not just a bag? When it’s not only designed to be sturdy enough to carry merchandise but also designed to make an unforgettable statement. The Paper Carrier Bag Guide helps you decide which kind of bag best carries your product while effectively promoting...

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Facing the packaging challenge for global retail

The UK’s retail sector has never before been so turbulent.   Faced by restricted consumer spending, within the home retail marketplace and significant growth in burgeoning global economies, not surprisingly, UK retailers are now rapidly expanding their horizons and looking...

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Retail Plastic Bags – What are the Alternatives?

In the last decade, we’ve seen increasing legislation worldwide, against the use of polythene bags based on their perceived impact on the environment. With levies now in place in both Wales and Northern Ireland, and another about to be introduced in Scotland next October,...

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Packaging Branding

Packaging and Branding

What is Branding? Branding creates an identity using a combination of designs, symbols, or words that differentiate products and services from others in their competing markets. The identity expresses the value proposition, the company story, and the benefits and attributes of...

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Retail Demographics

Stepping out of the Retail Demographic Comfort Zone

The traditional paradigms of targeting are becoming increasingly irrelevant in today's retail world. The Internet has facilitated a merger of demographic characteristics that will force retailers to adapt their targeting strategies to remain competitive. Older generations are...

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Minimalism Retail Packaging

Minimalist Retail Packaging

They say that everything which was once old is now new again and that has never been more the case than with the world of design. Retail is all about chasing the newest trends: the constant need to be cutting-edge, to be one step ahead of your competitors and surprise your...

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Packaging Design

Retail Product Packaging Suppliers - Keenpac

At Keenpac, we know just how to showcase your products with the perfect packaging. We are specialists in gift presentation and retail product packaging, providing a wide range of gift boxes, bags, and carriers. We offer exquisite gift bags in fabric, kraft, polythene, and...

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Marks and Spencer Packaging

The Growing Trend of Gender Neutral Toy Packaging

There is a growing trend within the United Kingdom and the world when it comes to retail packaging for children's toys. Most companies have catered exclusively to each gender in the past when packaging their toys and other playful items. Toys that are specifically made for girls...

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The Retail Packaging Planner

Plan your retail packaging with this handy planner Like most products that come from outside of the UK, volume packaging needs lots of advance planning, particularly around holiday periods like Christmas, Chinese New Year and European shut-downs when production schedules can...

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Manufacturing Industry On The Slow Road To Economic Recovery

The past two years have not been too good for the manufacturing industry. Manufacturing output has been dragging. In the first quarter of 2013, there was a boost of 0.3 percent in the economy. The output pace began increasing in May because of the growing demand for domestic...

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