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Keenpac’s Countdown: 24 Christmas Retail Packaging Designs

December has begun and we are getting in the festive mood. Every day in the lead up to Christmas we’ll be revealing our favourite Christmas retail packaging. Our Christmas countdown begins today ….

24 Stunning Christmas Retail Packaging Designs

On the first day of Christmas Keenpac gave to me, sparkles and bling for Lipsy…

Lipsy Carrier Bag - 1st Day of Christmas

Twinkle Twinkle Christmas star, new Boots gift bags shipped in from afar…

Boots Carrier bag - 2nd day of Christmas

A gift from Bronnley would make you smile. A vintage Christmas they show in style…

Bromley Gift Box - 3rd day of Christmas

Will White Stuff fall from the skies? If not these Fab boxes will hold a great surprise…

White Stuff Gift Packaging - 4th day of Christmas

With Jack Frost nipping at your nose, Head to Jack Wills to release your woes…..

5th day of christmas

Put on your scarves and wellies, Head to No.7 for treats and smellys…

No 7 Carrier Bag - 6th day of Christmas

Were “walking in the air” with glee, For all the festive fun at Muji….

Muji Carrier Bag - 7th day

A Magical Christmas will do the trick, As we all wait for Saint Nick…

8th Day of Christmas - Carrier Bag

Timberland hope you find one under your tree, No shaking or rattling to find what it could be!!!

9th day of christmas

Beaverbrooks love Christmas, as their boxes show, Lets get in the spirit and “Let it snow, Let it Snow, Let it snow….”

Beaverbrooks Gift Packaging - 10th day

Sacoor bags, stunning in Red and Gold, Feels warming, like coming in from the cold….

Sacoor Gift Bag - 11th Day

If Santa brings you Hobbs in his sack, These beautiful boxes you won’t need to wrap.

Hobbs Gift Boxes - 12th Day

If the three kings brought gifts today, we think they would be packaged this way.

Gift Packaging - 13th Day of Christmas

We think if you give a gift from Alex Monroe , you definitely get kissed under the mistletoe

Alex Monroe Gift Bags - 14th Day

Paul Smith’s textured bag in a gorgeous red, hope you find one in your stocking at the end of your bed.

Paul Smith Retail Carrier Bag - 15th Day

Warm yourself on a cold winter night, A cup of hot cocoa is such a delight with this Gold Sephora cuff fit for a king, your Chocolately drink happiness will bring.

Sephora - 16th Day

The wait is almost over Christmas is nearly here. Send beautiful gifts from Jigsaw to fill your heart with cheer

Jigsaw Packaging - 17th Day

The perfect Christmas (the not so perfect Turkey), Keenpacs bags for Oasis (just a little bit quirky!)

Oasis Carrier Bag - 18th Day

I saw Mummy Kissing Santa Claus under the mistletoe last night, Ohh Ahh to get a great gift from Sephora, does that make it alright?

Sephora Gift Packaging - 19th Day

Sleigh bells ring, Are you listening, In the lane, Snow is glistening, A beautiful sight, We’re happy tonight Walking in a winter Timberland!

Timberland Carrier bag - 20th Day

We hope you all Benefit from a VERY Merry Christmas, Filled with cheer – before we all get back to business.
21st Day - Carrier Bag

All your Christmas shopping, done at McArthurGlen…Wrapped up in pretty boxes… scarves, socks & pens…

Retail Packaging - 22nd Day

Merry Christmas from Keenpac!

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