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online retail luxury packaging

enhancing the consumer experience

More consumers are now making their purchase on-line. Packaging tells a story about your brand and the on-line experience is a vital part of multi-channel retailing, E-commerce is continually growing and packaging is becoming an increasingly vital part of the experience.

Consumer engagement needs to be in line with the in-store experience. Packaging is now effectively the store, opening up opportunities for retail to be more creative and innovative with their packaging.

A third of online shoppers said online branded packaging affected their perception of the brand. The unboxing experience is a direct touchpoint between a product and a customer. It’s an important factor that’s missing in e-commerce due to its virtual nature.

A part of this experience can be created by great product presentation on the website. The packaging creates a bond between the customer and the brand.

Your e-commerce packaging is the first tactile experience with your store. Research shows that the majority of customers are very likely to notice custom designed e-commerce packaging and that they value this type of e-commerce packaging.  51% of the customers say that specially printed or customised packaging made them feel like the product inside was more valuable.

We are trusted packaging partner who can offer a wide range of products and innovations to be your on-line packaging supplier of choice.

Keenpac has always met any challenge we have given them both in terms of bag design, providing samples, and meeting delivery schedules all aspects have always been delivered professionally even when working under tight deadlines.

House of Fraser

Keenpac took our packaging concepts and by applying their immense wealth of packaging knowledge suggested some fantastic improvements on both the packaging designs and subsequently the packaging costs.


We have been working with Keenpac on our packaging needs for many years now. They have constantly worked with us as we have expanded and opened up to us the full possibilities of their global services. We enjoy working with the Keenpac team, who made our packaging needs easy.

paul smith

Keenpac provide superb service to our business and have done so for over 20 years that we have been conducting business with them. They perform well in all the areas that matter, including product development, account management, customer service, distribution, administration and QC.


We are entering our 4th year of partnership with Monica Vinader and are proud and delighted to be associated with their incredible growth and look forward to working with them on new categories.

Monica Vinader

Keenpac have supplied our branded carrier bags and ancillary packaging for over a decade… We enjoy a strong and loyal working partnership with Keenpac and we have yet to come up with a design idea or delivery request outside of their scope.

Phase 8