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Premium Packaging: reinforcing your brand messaging

Premium packaging is the new guarantee! First impressions do matter. What a customer sees at first glance…should entice the consumer enough to make the purchase. Distinguishable packaging and an innovative shelf presentation make or break product sales, no matter how good they may be for the consumer.

Premium Packaging<

Premium Retail Packaging

Companies spend millions of pounds a year on branding and intelligent packaging technologies to figure out how to influence consumers by reinforcing their brand identity and image through premium packaging. In the age where every product sold is considered a commodity, a strong brand identity, technology, and packaging are crucial for companies to be and stay competitive in the global marketplace.

Innovation, intelligent technologies, operational efficiency, low cost materials, and a productive workforce are all components that play a role in developing and distributing premium packaged goods to the marketplace to reinforce a company’s brand and image.

The concept of a strong brand, identity, and image is an effective marketing and communications approach to differentiate a product and its premium retail packaging from the competition. Just remember, innovation sells!

Starting with what the consumer sees first, the packaging…when designing premium packaging to reinforce a brand identity, be inventive and unique. Premium packaging is about creating an appealing design to capture consumers. This design needs to sell a brand, identity, and a product. Brainstorm packaging design ideas while thinking about the following:

  • Superior Product Performance
  • Technical Product Innovation
  • Product Reliability
  • Product Durability
  • Product Convenience
  • Consumer Health & Safety
  • ECO-Friendly Materials

To stand out on busy retail store shelves, products need innovative labels and packaging that clearly expresses the brand’s significance to the consumer. To build consumer confidence through premium packaging it is vital to identify the key messages that are most likely to drive it.

Luxury Carrier Bags

To be successful, build a communication plan that will combine the key messages and provide a pathway forward in building that consumer confidence. When consumers decide to purchase a product, they consider several factors including cost, brand name, quality, sustainability, functionality, durability, etc. The question is whether consumers understand the extent to which the product’s premium packaging impacts these factors? Do they understand that the premium packaging is designed to reinforce the brand, keep costs down, retains the product’s quality and safety, while also communicating its performance and functionality? Additionally, the best premium packaging should have minimal colouring to create a vibe of excitement and clarity. In addition, to best accentuate a brand and identity in a vibrant and bold manner use large, eye catching typography.

Moreover, today and continuing into the future of manufacturing, new intelligent packaging technologies play a huge role in premium packaging design and distribution since the need to bring new products to market faster and cheaper is imperative to stay competitive in the global marketplace. Intelligent packaging technologies are new design and fulfilment processes to help manufacturers and distributors meet consumer demand, drive retail sales, decrease counterfeit products, track product retail shelf-life, and increase product security. These technologies are transforming manufactured products into a new age of consumer customisation. Over the next couple of years, intelligent packaging technologies will be the new standard of premium packaging.

Brand Messaging

For over 30 years, our innovative and cutting-edge packaging solutions have been enhancing some of the world’s biggest and best known brands.

Our packaging expertise covers all sectors, including fashion, cosmetics and beauty, watches and jewellery, specialist retail, and charity as well as on-line retail.  At Keenpac, quality comes first.  And we believe nothing but the best is ever good enough.  We have strict quality processes in place right from initial brief through to final production, ensuring that only product that meets the required quality standards will ever be released for dispatch.

Creativity infuses everything we do.  Our dedicated in-house design team works closely with our clients to develop new and exciting packaging concepts using the very latest ideas and technologies to expand and enhance the customer experience.

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