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Point of Sale Packaging articles

Complete Point of Sale Packaging Services from Design to Distribution – Our innovative point of sale packaging solutions help some of the world’s biggest brands connect with their customers.

Luxury Point of Sale Packaging

Retail Point of Sale Packaging

We’re the retail point-of-sale packaging specialists. For over 30 years, our innovative and cutting-edge packaging solutions have been enhancing some of the world’s biggest and best known brands. Our retail packaging expertise covers all sectors, including fashion,...

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Paper Carrier Bag Guide

Retail Packaging - The Paper Carrier Bag Guide

When is a carrier bag not just a bag? When it’s not only designed to be sturdy enough to carry merchandise but also designed to make an unforgettable statement. The Paper Carrier Bag Guide helps you decide which kind of bag best carries your product while effectively promoting...

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Point of Sale Packaging

Luxury Point of Sale Packaging Accessories

When it comes to packaging, every element of the experience needs to work together – from tissue to pillow packs, retail carrier bags to receipt wallets. Keenpac supplies and delivers a wide range of luxury point if sale packaging accessories, all our accessories are created...

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