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Perfume Packaging | Turning a distinctive concept into a packaging reality

Always a company that likes to think outside the box, Penhaligon’s recently joined forces with design duo Meadham Kirchov to create their very latest perfume – entitled Tralala.  The fragrance was first unveiled at London Fashion Week back in February, but received its full retail launch just this month.

Perfume Packaging

Keenpac was fortunate enough to be offered the opportunity to work on the packaging behind the scenes, to help make a very distinctive concept into a packaging reality.

Packaging Design

The box itself is redolent of the theatre, with its plush red velvet plinth, and matt gold interior.  But it’s also playful.  It looks and feels like a child’s jewellery box – right down to the little mirror positioned just behind the bottle –  just as the designers originally intended;

“Deciding what to do with the packaging of Tralala was one of the hardest things I have done. I change my mind so often. Every collection I approach as entirely new, I can move on and re-explore and re-define every 6 months. But Tralala is permanent so I really thought about some of the most permanent elements of our visual language as well as Penhaligons’ iconic bottle and bow. There is the heart shaped chocolate box framed in white lace, the ribbon writing spelling Tralala and the dolls head wrapping the lid. I wanted the box to feel like an old jewellery box.”
Penhaligon Packaging Design
In all, the box took more than a year to develop. Said Steve Hunt, Keenpac’s Senior Account Manager who led the project;

“This was a real challenge. We worked closely with the designers throughout the development of the box, interpreting their vision, and helping them choose materials and finishes.  Fortunately, they liked our selection, so once we had them right, we could work on the detail of the construction.  The final box works well both as a stand alone product, but it also fits in with the other boxes in the range.”
Packaging Design

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