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Packaging Rebrand – Steering your retail packaging through the rebranding process

Although packaging is just one of many elements to consider during a rebrand, it needs a serious approach to planning to make sure it’s ready in store when you need it.

The ReBranding Process

So where do you begin? Strangely enough – right at the end. In most cases the launch date is fixed so it’s a case of setting crucial milestones for the key stages along the way. Plus you need to make sure key personnel will be there when needed and check if public holidays or factory shut-downs might have an impact. None of these are insurmountable, but recognising them in advance is the best way to avoid a stumbling block later on.

And when you think about the number of departments needing to be involved in a rebrand you can see why crystal clear communication has to be a priority. Between the retailer or brand owner and us, it’s likely that purchasing, retail ops, logistics, design, marketing, account management stock control and finance will all have a vital part to play.

Central to all this activity is a clear, detailed critical path. By managing the complexity in this way it’s easier to see what’s expected of everyone so that each stage can be completed and signed off without causing delays further down the line. Anything is possible within reason, but longer lead times increase the chances to reduce materials and transport costs by avoiding expensive air-freight.

Surprisingly, at least 50% of the work involved in a rebrand or new campaign, involves the management of outgoing stock, where a great deal of cash can be tied up. This underscores the importance of accurate stock management and reporting to prevent retailers becoming financially exposed. With an accurate picture you’ll be able to see opportunities for minimising that exposure – potentially by staggering the launch across the store network and moving existing stock from one to another to reduce waste.

Rebranding presents many challenges for new packaging, but a little foresight and an understanding of the hurdles ahead will make it much easier to reach that exciting moment when your brand-new shiny look is unveiled to the world.

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