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The Retail Packaging Planner

Plan your retail packaging with this handy planner

Like most products that come from outside of the UK, volume packaging needs lots of advance planning, particularly around holiday periods like Christmas, Chinese New Year and European shut-downs when production schedules can become very busy.

When planning your packaging, especially if it’s brand new, you’ll need to allow plenty of time for development, production and shipping. Advance planning will give just a little more certainty all around, and can minimise costs!

Year round event calendar

Event                                      Date                                        Artwork and Ideas at the ready!

Father’s Day                           19th June                                December
Summer Sale                          June/July                                December/January
Ramadan                                31st July                                  January
Autumn/Winter Campaign      August/September                  January/February
Halloween                               31 October                              April
Diwali                                      26 October                              April
Thanksgiving                           24 November                          March
Christmas                                25 December                          March
Winter Sale                              December/January                April
Valentine’s Day                       14 February                            July
Spring/Summer Campaign     March                                      August
Mother’s Day                          3rd April                                   September
Easter                                     24th April                                 September

The planning timings given above give a helpful guideline, but if you have any packaging needs coming up shortly, call us on 0116 289 0900 – we’ll be happy to advise.

Keenpac retail and product packaging specialists. Our innovative designs and cutting-edge solutions have been enhancing some of the world’s biggest brands.

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