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Packaging for Independent Retailers

We know the last thing independent retailers want when they’re busy with customers is a long-winded sales pitch. So when you (eventually) get a break, have a cuppa and a bite on us.

Packaging independent retailers

When you’re ready, turn the page and see how Keenpac can enhance your brand. If you ever thought that premium bespoke packaging was only for the big chains you’re likely to be pleasantly surprised.

packaging creative

Combining worldwide sourcing with a flexible approach to our packaging creative and production, we’re able to achieve the bespoke quality you’d normally expect to see for global brands and retailers – but at quantities more likely to suit independents. At the same time you’ll get a personal, friendly service that’s responsive to the way your independent retail business works.

And if you ever do want a more detailed discussion with one of our account managers we’ll be happy to discuss and explain more about how you can create your own distinct image with bags, boxes, tissue and ribbon.

Meet the: Independent Packaging Team

For samples, quotes and advice on the options available, please call on 0844 826 1737, email us at independent@keenpac.co.uk

Product Packaging

Product Packaging Boxes

Product Packaging Dior

Product Packaging - Hangers

Product Packaging Kraft Paper Bags

Product Packaging - Keenpac - Boxfresh

Product Packaging Luxury Bags

Our retail packaging expertise covers all sectors, including fashion, cosmetics and beauty, watches and jewellery, specialist retail, and charity as well as on-line retail. Starting with initial creative concepts to finished design and production, we work closely with you every step of the way, managing the process completely, right through to delivery at store

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