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Packaging Design | The challenges that new Packaging presents

Packaging design is so vital to the branding process for any company, and this is why it can be a challenging endeavour to effectively transition the brand recognition and consumer association of a brand when changing the packaging. However, there are times in which changing the packaging is simply necessary. The truth is that when it is done right, creating a new packaging design can actually elevate the brand in its totality; however, the key is having the capacity to effectively navigate the complex dynamic of changing the packaging design.

We examine some of the primary and common challenges associated with changing the packaging design, as well as offer suggestions and resources that will provide valuable insight into the process and the best modalities to engage the challenges of creating a new packaging design.

Packaging Design

 Brand Recognition

One of the important aspects of effective packaging is that it creates immediate brand recognition. Brand awareness is immensely important in a number of ways; it is one of the most powerful tools that any business has. When it comes to the logo and packaging that a company uses, it is extremely important that the packaging is reflective of the most recognised aspect of the company’s brand. It was not that long ago that The Gap attempted to change its logo design, and they failed at transitioning the identifying mechanism through which most customers quickly identified The Gap brand. The impact took such a negative toll in brand recognition and sales that the company was forced to return to their original design.

The truth is that changing the packaging design can be a risky endeavour with multitudinous adverse consequences. First of all, when a brand is competing with other brands, the company does not want to force its loyal customers to have to struggle to distinguish their packaging from their competitors. This is a major issue in certain areas of retail in which the customer will be viewing packaging from multiple companies sitting juxtaposed to one another.

Brand Packaging Design

This is why changing the packaging has to be done in an innovative and creative manner that finds the best way to infuse enough of the old with the new, so that there is an automatic identifier on the packaging. Working with an all-inclusive packaging company will provide the resources and systems that can simplify the redesign process. Working with an all-inclusive packaging company can improve cost effectiveness and brand impact.

Designing With No Specific Person

It is not uncommon to have marketers and company heads to overthink the branding and packaging process, producing packaging that has been over-designed. Sometimes less is more. When the elements are properly aligned and the key message of the brand is lucidly presented. There is no need to overstate the design. The packaging is an essential part of the branding process and branding is about elucidating and presenting the company’s message. The potential conundrum is another area in which working with a packaging company can produce ideal results. An all-inclusive packaging company like Keenpac has have an internal design and marketing team that will have the capacity to sit down with the client to determine exactly what the client is attempting to accomplish through the redesign of their packaging, and they will be able to help through the entire process — from conceptualisation of the design to the finished product.

Overlooking Other Essential Elements of Packaging

It is not unheard of for a company to put so much emphasis on the new design that they fail to give the appropriate amount of attention to other important elements of the packaging, which has the potential to create a number of costly problems within the supply chain. There is no doubt that design is extremely important; however, things such as size, strength and durability are also essential parts of the process, and when they are neglected the consequences can be immeasurable.

Packaging Creative

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Excessively Narrow Design

Much in the way that over designing a package can have negative implications, an oversimplified design can have the same negative impact. In this instance, the term narrow represents the proclivity within the design to speak so directly to the target audience that the peripheral audience is completely alienated by the message. A good package design will definitely address the target audience; however, the message will be broad enough that it will also garner the attention of those individuals who fall outside of the parameters of the target audience


Believe it or not, the packaging design does far more than create an image that is highly recognisable; it also helps to support the image of the company. One image goal of the company should always be quality, meaning things that are associated with the brand should represent the highest level of quality possible. A poor design and sub-par materials that fall apart can literally damage the image of the company, making the design, material and construction immensely important.

There are companies who attempt to engage all of these challenges and more through an internal process; however, there is a growing number of companies who have chosen to use all-inclusive packaging companies to help facilitate their packaging needs, including redesigning the packaging from concept to the finished products. These companies even have the capacity to handle distribution from their location, completely streamlining the process. Working with a team of experts can improve the final results and help boost conversions and profits.

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