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Packaging Design Ideas articles

Learn about our full Packaging Design Services via our dedicated Design Studio, and get Packaging Design Ideas for your Luxury Retail Products.

Is Connected Packaging the Future of Luxury?

Connected packaging utilises technologies such as QR codes and NFC tags to bring digital experiences to consumers. The experiences may consist of 'how to' videos, feedback forms or augmented reality (AR) experiences. The Benefits of Connected Packaging The packaging allows...

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Rebrand Packaging

Packaging Rebrand - Steering your retail packaging through the rebranding process

Although packaging is just one of many elements to consider during a rebrand, it needs a serious approach to planning to make sure it’s ready in store when you need it. The ReBranding Process So where do you begin? Strangely enough – right at the end. In most cases the...

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Retail Packaging Innovation

Packaging Ideas | Innovations in Retail Packaging

Brands are regularly innovating their products and services to stay ahead of the curve, go up against competitors and keep up with client demands. Packaging innovations are just one of the many ways that brands find to compete with each other and provide better service to the...

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Tamper Proof Mailing Box

Custom Packaging Boxes | Safepac - The Tamper Proof Mailing Box

Keenpac are pleased to announce the launch of a custom packaging box to the Keenpac stable, the tamper-evident mailing box.  This brand new packaging innovation, which on the face of it is a simple corrugated mailing box, includes a unique security function, that makes it...

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reusable shopping bag

Reusable shopping bag | The ultimate 4 in 1 system

Keenpac are pleased to announce brand new concept in packaging, designed especially for supermarkets. "The Ultimate Reusable Shopping Bag System"  is a four in one tote bag designed to organise groceries within the cart whilst shopping. Developed through Keenpac New...

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Keenpac Creative Support

Packaging Design Studio at Keenpac

Looking for packaging that will excite and inspire? We create innovative luxury packaging ideas using our dedicated packaging design studio. We understand branding & packaging design through research, trends & concepts. Contact us on 0116 2890900 More...

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Paper Bag Manufacturer

Creative Packaging Design | ‘Self-Opening Sack’ patented by Charles Stilwell 1883

In 2008, New York’s Museum of Modern Art invited the Brazilian contemporary artist Vik Muniz to curate a show of his personal favourites from the collection. One of his more unusual choices – which was startlingly juxtaposed with a Giacometti sculpture – was a pleated...

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