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Packaging Creative articles

Discover how our Bespoke Packaging Creative can make all the difference to Luxury Retail Brands, Online Retailers and Independents.

Is Connected Packaging the Future of Luxury?

Connected packaging utilises technologies such as QR codes and NFC tags to bring digital experiences to consumers. The experiences may consist of 'how to' videos, feedback forms or augmented reality (AR) experiences. The Benefits of Connected Packaging The packaging allows...

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Bespoke Packaging

Packaging for Independent Retailers

We know the last thing independent retailers want when they're busy with customers is a long-winded sales pitch. So when you (eventually) get a break, have a cuppa and a bite on us. When you’re ready, turn the page and see how Keenpac can enhance your brand. If you ever...

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Packaging Paper Tips

Packaging Paper | Tips for Choosing Specialist Paper

As a packaging company, paper is central to just about everything we do...and when you’re leafing through the mountains of swatch books, catalogues and samples of speciality papers available it soon becomes clear the choice of colours, styles and finishes is quite simply...

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The Packaging Guide | The A to Z of Packaging Creative

Our A-Z Packaging Guide... Packaging Guide Artboard Artboard is a solid board made from 100% primary fibre with the same finish on both sides and is predominantly used in the printing industry for flat folding cartons, hangtags, sleeves, book covers, and business

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Packaging Colour

Packaging Colour | How to use Colour in Product Packaging

Colour is an important part of our everyday lives. Our heart sinks when we see a brown envelope on the doormat; children get over-excited when they see the golden arches of McDonald’s and no matter how fast an F1 car goes around the track, we can always spot the Ferrari! So...

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Creative Packaging Design

Creative Packaging, Innovation and Design Services, by Keenpac

Our in-house creative resource has been re-launched, designed to offer you innovation and creative thinking as part of our commitment to your brand and delivering consistent visual solutions. Creative packaging, innovation and design... Your creative packaging

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Polythene Retail Packaging

The Most Common Types of Polythene Used in Retail Packaging

Manufacturers use several types of Polythene composites to produce a wide range of retail packaging products. Retailers can further differentiate themselves from their competitors by using this knowledge to make productive changes. Conventional Polythene Varieties Low...

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Unboxing Videos and Brands

Unboxing Videos and Brands

Unboxing videos are a category on YouTube that allows viewers to unbox a product and experience how it feels to own it. Consumers get the chance to see the product exactly the way they are without the adulterations advertisers add to the product. The video provides your product...

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Furla Carrier Bags

Retail Packaging Design | Furla Carrier Bag a Work of Art

Ask any Retailer about their Carrier Bags, and they'll tell you what a great communication vehicle they are. But FURLA, one of Italy's premier accessories brands took things to a new creative level, when they transformed their shopping carrier bags into mobile art. Retail...

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Lani Packaging Design

Packaging Luxury Products | Revel in the Reveal

Anticipation is the name of the game When consumers buy luxury goods, they can often pay significant sums of money for them, so how best can luxury retailers give their consumers added value and ensure that every luxury purchase is giving as much as possible?  It's all in the...

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Branding Colour | How Colour plays a vital role in Branding

Colour is an important part of our everyday lives Our heart sinks when we see a brown envelope on the doormat; children get overexcited when they see the golden arches of McDonald’s and no matter how fast an F1 car goes around the track, we can always spot the Ferrari! So, we...

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Keenpac Creative Design

Creative Packaging Designers | Eight Reasons why Keenpac Adds Value

  Artwork Many clients already employ a design agency, so original concepts are often supplied in line with an existing campaign, brand or design style.  Having in an in-house team who are packaging specialists means we can work closely with your design teams to...

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New Packaging Design

Packaging Design | The challenges that new Packaging presents

Packaging design is so vital to the branding process for any company, and this is why it can be a challenging endeavour to effectively transition the brand recognition and consumer association of a brand when changing the packaging. However, there are times in which changing the...

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