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Consistency of Multi-Channel Packaging

Given that the retail environment has become increasingly interconnected, it has never been more important for retailers to maintain high levels of consistency in their retail packaging across all sales channels.

Although traditionally, internet and retail were entirely separate operations, as click & collect has boomed in popularity, the two sales channels have gradually moved closer together, bringing increased footfall in stores, and meaning that consumers, are more likely to stay and look through the store and eventually, buy more!

Because of this, the in-store and online brand experiences must be consistent.  The user experience should be similar whether it takes place in person or whether it takes place over the Internet.

A major factor in all of this of course is the packaging.  Retailers invest millions on their “in-store” experience, encouraging customers to buy into the product and brand from the moment they enter the shop door. However, in the equivalent on-line store, a product image and price may be the only opportunity through which the customer can connect with the brand.

Customer anticipation may well mount while waiting for the delivery to arrive, however, the impact of the brand and shopping experience is only fully realised once the package is in the customer’s hands.  Here is where opportunities should not be missed, if retailers are relying on customers to make repeat on-line purchases. Not only must the packaging deliver goods safely, practically, securely and with the ability to be easily returned, but the brand must have impact – because to many customers, it is just as important as the product itself.

In a recent study, at least one out of every two customers questioned indicated that he or she would have a greater likelihood of bringing their goods back to a store if it came in poor quality packaging or if it were damaged on arrival.

Poor quality packaging was particularly damaging, as it affected not only the short term view consumers held of the brand, but the long term views they held as well. One out of every three respondents indicated that they were likely to view a company that shipped products in damaged or poor packaging as unprofessional.

As a result, if a brand is planning on using an online or click & collect system of interaction to engage its customers, there is a very small margin for error when it comes to package consistency across multi-channel outlets.

This means that the packaging sent through standard mail has got to be at the same level of quality as the products and packaging visible within the store. If this can be accomplished, then the client will be able to remain engaged with the experience he or she experienced while shopping in the physical store.

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