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Luxury Packaging articles

Luxury Packaging Ideas & Inspiration – Find out how our Packaging Design Studio has worked with some of the world’s biggest Retail Brands to help them connect with their customers…

Is Connected Packaging the Future of Luxury?

Connected packaging utilises technologies such as QR codes and NFC tags to bring digital experiences to consumers. The experiences may consist of 'how to' videos, feedback forms or augmented reality (AR) experiences. The Benefits of Connected Packaging The packaging allows...

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Navigating Luxury During a Cost of Living Crisis

The past few years have been turbulent for high street and luxury retailers alike. In the UK we have seen high-street retailers disappear and luxury retailers’ step into digital spaces to appeal to the forced shift in the market. Both UK and US customers are seeing an...

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3 Things Luxury Brands Can Do to Align With Gen Z

Millennials and GenZ will represent 70% of the luxury goods market by 2025 shifting luxury buying habits. This generation of consumers will be more conscious of their consumption and environmental impact. They are more aware of greenwashing and expect brands to take legitimate...

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Luxury Gift Packaging

Luxury Gift Packaging - Revel in the Reveal

Anticipation is the name of the game. When consumers buy luxury goods, they can often pay significant sums of money for them. So how best can luxury retailers give their consumers added value and ensure that every luxury purchase is giving as much as possible?  It’s all in...

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Brand Packaging

Retail Brand Packaging | Keep Your Brand in Your Customer's Hand

If you are not paying attention to your business packaging, you may be missing a valuable opportunity to carry your brand outside your doors. A well-crafted retail packaging solution not only creates customer satisfaction with existing customers, but it also can be used to...

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Bespoke Packaging

Luxury Retail Packaging | Working Harder For Brands

The recession has had a negative impact on a wide variety businesses globally. However, one of the industries it has affected least it seems, is the luxury industry. In fact, the luxury market is expected to see growth within the next couple of years. So, how has this...

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Oasis Luxury Packaging

Luxury Carrier Bags Create Maximum Visual Impact

Savvy marketeers and branding experts understand the power of packaging. More than just a medium to convey a purchase from store to home, a luxury carrier bag presents the opportunity to broadcast your brand, keeping it in the public eye and abreast of the trend. Luxury...

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Branded Packaging

Luxury Brand Packaging | Working with the World's most exclusive Brands

Over the last three decades, Keenpac has developed a strong reputation within the luxury retail packaging market. Yet what makes luxury packaging so different, and how has Keenpac carved itself a niche in this very special packaging arena? Luxury Packaging, Luxury

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Matercia Speciality Paper

Luxury Packaging | Speciality Paper

As a luxury retail packaging supplier, paper is central to just about everything we do... Speciality Paper Speciality paper for volume packaging can be a lot more complex than standard ranges, and you may find that your favourite paper isn’t available in the volume you...

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Tralala Packaging

Award Winning Packaging | Tralala Shortlisted for Luxury Packaging Awards

We are delighted to announce that the packaging we developed for Penhaligon’s Tralala has been shortlisted in the Perfume Pack category for the 2014 Luxury Packaging Awards, to be held on 29th September. Judging for the award was undertaken last month by a panel of...

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Asian Packaging

Luxury Consumer Packaging | Asia and Emerging Markets

Luxury consumers in Asia and the emerging markets continue to fuel expansion for the world's most recognised, gilt-edged status brands. China's white-hot economy seems to excel in the minting of newly affluent individuals whilst Japan's brand-conscious luxury seekers continue a...

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