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Welcome to the Keenpac ‘Luxury Packaging Designers’ Blog

Hello!   Welcome to the inaugural Keenpac blog!

I have found it a little difficult to decide what our blog should be about!  Should it be fun and light-hearted or more serious and factual?

Well, on balance, I think it should be all those and more. Mostly though since we’re a packaging company, it should be about one subject. Packaging.  More to the point it should be about luxury packaging; how it is made, designed, shipped, stored, loved, mistreated and also, how it affects our lives.

Now don’t worry, we are not so packaging obsessed that we can’t throw in some other fun bits and pieces that are happening around Keenpac and the wider world! For instance Keenpac are taking part in the ‘World’s Biggest Coffee Morning’ that is in aid of Macmillan Nurses.

At this point I should probably throw in some information about me.  As some of you will know, I have been with Keenpac for just over 3 years and in that time I have achieved my Packaging Technology qualification from The Packaging Society.

But I am also a packaging designer and have been working in that role for the last six years, having taught myself the necessary software needed to design packaging, including Adobe Creative Suite and Cinema 4D,  and after being thrown in at the deep end during my previous job!

Further back I started out working for a local rigid box factory just after I left school and I worked there on the manufacturing side of things for nearly 10 years.  So,  using the 16 or so years I have had in the luxury packaging sector, the experience I have of hands-on manufacturing, the experience of packaging design and now packaging technology I try to design packaging that is fit for purpose, designed for manufacture and is of course beautiful!

My role also takes on a consultation angle with people coming to me with their questions about packaging, materials and the environment and I also look at the technical side of things and help write specifications for products and AQL’s for QA, as well as being able to get out and about to meet customer to take briefs or conduct an e-commerce audit (more about those in a later blog I think). So I am lucky to be able to say I have a very varied role and it keeps me very busy!

So that’s it for now I think. Keep your eye out on the website for future blogs, not just from myself but other Keenpac employees, each an expert in their own roles (thought I should include some self-promotion!).

Also watch out for upcoming editions of the Keenpac magazine In-Detail, or our e-mailers in which we try and give you a snapshot of what is going on around here. If you would like to receive either of these or the latest Keenpac ‘Collections’ booklet then please register here

Hopefully you will find the blog fun, lighthearted and most of all informative.  Let us have your comments!

Pete Nicholls

Packaging Designer & Technologist

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