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Keenpac Chooses Charity

In support of the Charity Retail Association’s Choose Charity Shops Campaign, which launched on 14th May,  Keenpac ran its own mini campaign, encouraging staff to bring in their clothing, books, videos or dvds, so that we could donate them to a good cause.

Using the Take That song as its inspiration, the campaign was entitled ‘Back for Good’, and received an impressive amount of support from the Keenpac team, who brought in their unwanted items, and completely filled one of our enormous archive boxes.

At the end of the campaign, the entire contents of the box were donated to Keenpac’s local British Heart Foundation shop on Silver Street, Leicester.   Unfortunately Gary Barlow & Co, weren’t able to be there in person, but Keenpac’s Steve Hunt, was able to stand in at the last minute and I think, filled their shoes admirably!

British Heart Foundation

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