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Jewellery Packaging articles

Find out how our Luxury Jewellery Packaging Designers have helped some of the world’s biggest brands connect with their consumers.

Jewellery Packaging

Jewellery Packaging Design | Creating a Brand Experience

Jewellery may be the main focal point with the purchase, but the packaging that it is presented in creates the Brand experience. Jewellery Packaging is designed to make the entire buying experience more enjoyable for the buyer, and to enhance the overall experience associated...

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Jewellery Box Design

The Jewellery Box - The Most Complex Form of Retail Packaging

As one of the most luxurious forms of retail packaging, jewellery boxes can be a dark art to all but a few. We spoke to Keenpac's resident jewellery box expert, Dean Callier on just what makes a quality jewellery box. The Retail Jewellery Box WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE BOX AND...

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