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Independent Retail Packaging

Keenpac has a specialist luxury retail packaging division set up to cater to the needs specifically of the Independent Retailer. This is the retailer who is not currently part of a large branch network – or high street retailer. They are, as the name suggests – Independently owned.

When it comes to luxury retail packaging, we felt it was important to differentiate the service in order to cater to their specific packaging needs which are;

Luxury Retail Packaging Service for Independent Retailers

Independent Retail Packaging

Bespoke Product Packaging for Independent Retailers

Independents need bespoke retail packaging just as a National retailer does; tissue, ribbon, gift boxes, carrier bags and other packaging accessories, as it is just as important for them to differentiate themselves in the market from their competitors. The very nature of Independent retail is that it is different , quirky or unusual.

Expert Packaging Advice

Independent Retailers are serial multi-taskers. They are frequently behind the till, arranging the shop, cleaning, doing the accounts, buyers, sellers, accountants, shop assistants etc. Packaging experts they are quite often not. They don’t have specialist packaging buyers like a National, so they rely on their packaging company to help them through this unfamiliar process. Our team are packaging experts, and they are also familiar with the fact that many Independent Retailers, need more help to advise them on the more technical aspects of packaging production.

Packaging Samples

We have a vast array of samples available to us, via our long history over more than 30 years, and we have a constant stock of interesting and new packaging ideas from which we can draw inspiration.

Shorter Print Runs

By their very nature, Independents, need less packaging product than Nationals, as they are not purchasing for large numbers of retail outlets. They will probably have just a few or even one store. Many standard packaging companies are reluctant to deal with smaller quantities, or offer limited solutions in smaller quantities which don’t allow for the creativity or inventiveness that the Independent Retailer wants or needs. We understand this, and therefore our specialist division has a select number of suppliers who can work with much smaller quantities, even on product that is entirely bespoke.

Independent Luxury Retail Packaging


Many Independent Retailers may not be able to get credit terms owing to their size, and therefore paying upfront for a product they may not see for several months may feel like a risk. Keenpac is part of a large plc, Bunzl, and as such, the Independent Retailer can feel secure in the knowledge that we will still be around in 3 months, in order to fulfil their order, and that we will act with the utmost integrity in ensuring their packaging is produced to the highest standards, and that they will be happy when they receive it.

Delivery Options

With our distribution expertise we can offer very flexible delivery options, and have been known to flex our delivery arrangements to fit in with them.

Creative Design Team

Unlike National Accounts who have branding agencies and in-house creative teams, Independent Retailers tend not to have a creative service on hand. Where this is the case, Keenpac has a creative team, who can create brand new design ideas, or work from one of your own, and we can create samples, visuals and mock-ups if needed for a reasonable cost.

Simplified Process

We try to keep things simple, and because our team is dedicated just to the needs of the Independent Retailer, we have smoothed out our processes to make things as easy as possible. You have one Account Manager who is dedicated to you, and will take you through the process to make things as simple and as easy as possible.

All this has been created in one specialist division, so that the Independent Retailer does not feel like a small fish in a large pond, but specifically to give them the attention and service they deserve.

Contact our specialist Independent packaging team on 0844 826 1737 or email independent@keenpac.co.uk

Meet the Independent Retail Packaging Team

An insight into the team behind the growing success of Keenpac Independent

Here’s your opportunity to meet the team at Keenpac Independent and find out more about the individuals we have supporting you in developing your packaging.

Emma Brown - Independent Retail Packaging

As manager of the team, Emma brings with her a wealth of experience in the world of retail packaging. She has worked for Keenpac for more than 10 years, and in her time she’s been responsible for some of our biggest retail accounts – like House of Fraser, Selfridges, John Lewis, Boots, Timberland, French Connection, and River Island, so it would be true to say that there’s not much about retail packaging that she doesn’t know. Emma works closely with the team to ensure things run smoothly, and she’s always there to offer her advice and support, whether to individual team members, or to
our clients.

Doreen Widdows - Independent retail packaging

Keenpac’s Lady Doreen is the Queen of packaging. With more than 17 years in the industry (at Keenpac for most of them!), Doreen has seen and done it all when it comes to the beautiful box or bag. Over the years, she’s worked on some of Keenpac’s most prestigious packaging projects and some of the most intricate; packaging for Highgrove House, The Savoy, Blenheim Palace, Theo Fennell and Clive Christian, to name but a few. If you’re ever in need of packaging advice, Doreen’s the one to ask. And if you ask nicely she’ll even offer you a a fancy cake to go with it!

Emma Newton-Perry - Independent retail packaging

One of Keenpac’s stalwarts, Warren is an absolute stickler for detail, and a true workhorse. It’s his job to manage with meticulous detail, the ongoing progress of any packaging project – making sure projects run smoothly, and that customers and suppliers have the detail they need to fulfil packaging orders efficiently. All of our packaging, from retail carrier bags, to gift boxes, to packaging accessories, is entirely bespoke, so it takes a huge amount of expertise to take a project from initial brief, through artwork and specification and finally on to production.

Kelly Oliver - Independent retail packaging

Having begun her packaging career with Keenpac more than 5 years ago, Kelly has since become one of our most knowledgeable Sales Co-ordinators. Over the years, she has worked on some of our most creative packaging projects working alongside Doreen. Bespoke gift and jewellery boxes are a particular speciality, and a real art-form, especially those with more complex structures or finishing details. Now as a member of the Independent team, Kelly’s support and advice is invaluable, and she’s already making her mark!

Now that you’ve met our team and got to know a little about them, please feel free to contact us with any of your packaging enquiries.

We would love to hear from you.

You can call us on 0844 826 1737 or email at independent@keenpac.co.uk

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