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At Keenpac we have always had the environment at the heart of our work. We wanted a way to show this focus, and prove to our existing and prospective clients that sustainable packaging can also be luxury.

To do this we have created a range of fold flat rigid boxes, hand finished and machine made bags that showcase our quality and commitment to the world around us.

Greenpac uses a small sample of cutting edge papers and finishes, that are not only beautiful looking, but have our love of the environment at their heart.

Sustainable is also luxury.

Hand Finished Bags – GF Smith Extract/Croppers CupCycledTM

A stunning Hand Finished bag using Mustard GF Smith Extract, an FSC certified paper made in partnership with James Cropper and their CupCyclingTM initiative. Accompanied with natural paper tape handles and printed with a one colour tint.

Rigid Fold from Flat boxes – Favini Shiro Alga Carta

These beautiful folding rigid boxes are not only space saving they also utilise a paper that originated in the lagoons of Venice. Favini’s Shiro Alga Carta paper uses algae from the Venice lagoon, whose proliferation would put at risk the lagoon’s fragile ecosystem. Printed in 4 colour to make an eye catching fully recyclable box.

SOS Bags – Paptic

Cost effective luxury comes the way of our SOS bags. Using a cutting edge product like Paptic that uses renewable wood fibre to make a fully recyclable and degradable bag that has the look of paper but the durable wear of a textile. Printed 4 colour on a laser printer.