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Fashion Packaging | British Fashion Brand, Paul Smith

Fashion Packaging

British Fashion Brand: Paul Smith

The now world famous luxury brand started from humble beginnings in Nottingham, where Paul Smith opened his first tiny boutique in 1970.

By 1976, working alongside wife Pauline Denyer, an RCA fashion graduate, Paul had launched his very first menswear collection in Paris, under the Paul Smith name.

Today, the brand has become synonymous with all that’s great about Britain, tapping seamlessly as it always has done into popular art, culture and music. It’s a side to the brand that Paul Smith himself has always been keen to foster, reflecting his own personal interests and lifestyle; “an unmistakable Englishness augmented by the unexpected” as his website says.

Keenpac’s own relationship with the designer brand began in the early eighties at a time when braces and shoulder pads were still enjoying their moment in the spotlight. Since then a great deal has changed. The brand now has 12 different collections and is known the world over, with stores in London, Nottingham, Paris, Milan, New York, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, the Philippines, Korea, Kuwait, U.A.E. – and over two hundred throughout Japan.

The job of keeping up with the various twists and turns the brand has taken through its packaging is the responsibility of Keenpac’s Business Development Manager, Lou Coulson. There are over 100 different packaging lines to manage; from retail bags to product packaging, as well as gift boxes, tissue, ribbon and other packaging accessories, covering the various Paul Smith clothing brands; Paul Smith, Paul Smith Women, PS by Paul Smith, Paul Smith Jeans, and Paul Smith London.

This year, the packaging underwent a radical makeover, bravely moving away from its famous multi-coloured stripe and swirl, to a classic black. It has taken more than 12 months to achieve the final look, a deep black, embossed finish with the Paul Smith logo subtly added. The paper used for the range was created specially to achieve just the right depth of black, and finished with a glossy sheen that glistens when the bag catches the light.

Paul Smith Fashion Packaging

An essential requirement for a global company like Paul Smith is the centralising of its global retail packaging supply. A complex product range, combined with a diverse supply chain, can prove problematic if not well-managed. For Paul Smith, Keenpac manages stock levels and worldwide distribution through its various offices.

Playing a key role in this, is Keenpac Asia, who oversee the distribution in countries like Japan,
Korea and China, where Paul Smith has a strong presence. Our total management approach has helped us plan manufacture much more precisely, and enables significant cost-savings to be achieved.

It’s a partnership Keenpac is looking forward to maintaining as Paul Smith continues to expand
its operations throughout the world.

Paul Smith Packaging Profile

  • Over 35 Countries Worldwide
  • 14 Shops in England
  • 200 Shops in Japan
  • Showrooms in London, Paris, Milan,
  • New York and Tokyo
  • Circa 100 Packaging SKU’s
  • 16 Accounts Globally
  • Regional Account Management

Forecasting, order processing and accounting performed by Keenpac UK, US and Asia

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