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Custom Packaging Boxes | Safepac – The Tamper Proof Mailing Box

Keenpac are pleased to announce the launch of a custom packaging box to the Keenpac stable, the tamper-evident mailing box.  This brand new packaging innovation, which on the face of it is a simple corrugated mailing box, includes a unique security function, that makes it impossible to access without alerting the recipient.

Using a similar mechanism to the closure seen on a regular mailing sack, the Safepac box includes a perforated strip that enables the customer to both open the box and close it securely should they wish to return the goods.
Says Jonny Acton, Keenpac Account Manager;  “We think this is an opportunity many on-line retailers will benefit from.   The box is flat-packed, with a quick pop-up opening mechanism, so it’s ultra-fast to assemble and strong enough to dispatch without the need for an additional mailing sack – so better for the environment too.”

They’re compelling benefits many retailers have been quick to grasp, and the box, which is already being sampled with a number of Keenpac clients, is due to launch in Jacques Vert in December – just in time for Christmas.

If you would like to know more about Safepac, contact us on 0116 289 0900

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