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Creative Packaging, Innovation and Design Services, by Keenpac

Our in-house creative resource has been re-launched, designed to offer you innovation and creative thinking as part of our commitment to your brand and delivering consistent visual solutions.

Creative packaging, innovation and design…

Creative Packaging

Your creative packaging resource…

  • research
  • sector insight
  • creative
  • brand management
  • artwork
  • photography
  • sampling and proofing

We offer research, looking into competitors and trends as well as you and understanding your brand. Analysing our findings and how your packaging should feel like a natural progression of your brand and its values.

Packaging Creative

Essentially it’s all things creative – an agency within Keenpac. We can start at the very beginning with initial rough ideas and concepts. Shared and discussed we can the progress to finished designs and mock ups, once approved taken through to artwork. We act as brand guardians so when commencing with any project we make sure we adhere to guidelines, colour and overall consistent brand delivery.

Creative Packaging Design

Our in-house photography studio offers overall complete creative control. It allows for instant image creation as well as exceptional turnaround, whether that’s imagery needed for product for the logging of finished products for reference.

We can accommodate any part of the creative process required for the creation and delivery of luxury packaging.

Contact our Retail Packaging Specialists

packaging samples

If you have a retail packaging project you would like to discuss, give us a call, we are always happy to help! 0116 289 0900 or email info@keenpac.co.uk.



You can contact our specialist independent luxury paper bag division  : 0844 826 1737 or email independent@keenpac.co.uk


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Creative Packaging, Innovation and Design Services, by Keenpac
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