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Bunzl Awarded Carbon Trust Standard

Bunzl has been officially awarded the Carbon Trust Standard which shows we have taken action on climate change by reducing our carbon emissions over the past three years.

Assessment against the Standard is undertaken by independent third-party assessors who ensure participants can provide accurate footprint measurement including all required emission sources, demonstrate an absolute reduction of the footprint and display good carbon management including carbon governance, accounting, reduction methods and targets.

Some of the projects that have enabled us to get the Carbon Trust Standard include the implementation of energy efficient lighting, introduction of multi deck aerodynamic trailers, voltage reduction initiatives, optimising delivery patterns through effective routing and piloting electrically powered vehicles to name just a few. The award is great recognition for our achievements in carbon reduction and demonstrates our commitment to reducing carbon emissions year on year.

The Carbon Trust Standard shows people which organisations you can trust to have genuinely acted on climate change and committed to ongoing emission reductions.

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Carbon Trust Standard


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